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GET HOOKED! You're out early, just you and fishing rod. Getting ready to reel in the catch of
the day and take home the honour of being called Kiribati Number ONE fisherman. Txt FISH to
303 to play DEEP FISHING now. Winner take home 1st place $500 & 2nd place $300! 20c/txt.


Simply txt FISH to 303

Prize: TBC

1st - $500 Cash
2nd - $300 Cash

Daily free talk - time giveaway worth of $180

Competition Start Date: 17th October 2018 (0000am)

Entries Close On: 16th November 2018 (0500pm)

How it Works:

Gamer - the person playing the sms game

Point - determined on the weight of the fish that is caught.

1. The game randomizes whether a gamer catches a fish.

2. In every reply message, gamer is notified how many points he/she needs to beat the person
    (another gamer) who is ahead of them.

3. If a gamer gets beaten he/she is notified that another gamer has overtaken them on the
    ladder. The tricks is you keep texting in FISH to gain more points.

4. Top 50 gamers are notified of their rank on every txt reply.

Click here for ATHKL Fishing Game Terms and Conditions

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