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We have in stock high end to low end smart phones, basic 2 G phones, pocket wifi, LTE router ,phone cases and accessories

Ear Phones Phone Cases
1373973908-1549.png mobile-cas.png
Sandisk Memory Card
Hand Sets 
memory.png Galaxy-s6.png

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Sandisk Flash Drive Bluetooth Speaker
FlashDrive.png Untitled-1.png
Samsung OTG Flash Drive OTG Cable
otg-flash.jpg otg-cable-(1).png
Mobile Flash/Speaker Mobile Lens
Beauty-Speaker-Portable-Audio-Device-Fill-in-Light-Plus-Mini-Speaker-Selfie-Helper.jpg mobile12x.png
Fidget Spinner Phone Fan
Fidget_spinner_red,_cropped.png mini-usb-fan.png
Tempered Glass For Phones Selfie Stick
Tempered-Glass.jpg selfie-stick.png
Solar Charger Samsung Wireless Charger PAD
solar.png samsung_wireless_charger_black_white.png